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‼️PAUSE‼️ 🚨STOP WHAT YOUR DOING👉👉 (LoudVoice))) 🎉HAPPY🎈🎉BIRTHDAY🎁🎋🎋🎊 to this 😍😍😍EXTREMELY 🌟SPEACiAL🏆🏆🏆 MAN 👉👑…. Hope you have a Blessed && Beautiful BDay Champ👉😎✌️✌️✌️✌️

Posted back in #Houston 😉 (no bitch I don’t have a computer table, && u don’t have a mac desktop so st

Ya know me… Just being extra extrodinary 😎⭐️👉👸…. 💰

My income has change my outcome is obtainable. School. Kid. Mom. Bills I take care of all that…. So no matter what as long as I’m dropping RACKS to The Bank ain’t shit you can say. ASK YOURSELF WHAT OVER SMALL TOWN CHICK YOU KNOW 22 making 150k a year . 👉👉👉👉 THATS ME BITCH so fuck being humble. Time to SHIT ON A FEW PPL. Who’s 1st? Who tryna play big bank VS lil bank .??


Hashtag Highlight: #promposals on Instagram

To view more proposal photos and videos, explore the #promposal on Instagram.

Prom season is officially underway in the United States. Prom, short for “promenade,” is a high school dance typically held at the end of a student’s senior year.

Elaborate, creative or funny “promposals”—asking someone to the dance—can reach mythic status, and students have been sharing some of their proposal experiences on Instagram.

I LOVEd Prom

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Change👉 I did that, Upgrade Myself👉 I did that, Challenge My Potential👉 I’m a Champ, My Dreams became Obtainable My Goals Are Being Met. I watched a year of Growth & maturing👉👉My Daughter👼 SAVED MY LIFE. My Path is Bright and I see a Smiling face Waiting on me at the END!! She’s the Reason I KNOW IM MENT FOR GREATNESS! She’s my spark and she ignited a BOMB “MOMMY BOUT TO KILL IT🌆” #extremelyBLESSED love you angel baby @amazinglayah @amazinglayah @amazinglayah MOMMY GOT YOU💛

"Dont let the Trash that comes out your mouth be the reason someone looses all respect for you" #thatsNoGood #RespectOneAnother

(poem) :
My nephew is my heart💙.
he opens doors to rooms
I never knew were there😳,
Breaks through walls
I don’t recall building😰.
he ☀️lights my darkest 🌚corners
With the ⭐️sparkle in his eyes🙇.
My 👫nephew is my soul🙏.
he inspires my wearied spirit
To fly ✈️on wings of angels👼
But while I hold his hand🙌
My feet never leave the ground👣. he stills my deepest fears
My nephew is my past.🔮
he writes my history💌
In his 👀eyes I recognize myself🙋,
Memories only we can share💑.
he is my best friend💞
he gives me hope💛
he lights up my life🌎🌞
my nephew. thank god 🙏I was chosen to be his Auntie😘❤️😍

😊 && ii Love Them 💞

It’s a Struggle Out Here…. @leresaleshea 😂😂 #StoryOfOurLives

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